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treble, songworm


I enjoyed Consonance, as usual.  For me, this year mostly felt sort of mellow, a chance to relax and talk with friends and listen to music and play with kids in the hallway.  I did get to personally spring two of the three new parodies that I was hoping to spring:  Everybody Here 2.0
on Kathy Mar and Curried Seal With Ice Cream on Kristoph and Margaret.  Aside from fulfilling my devious plan (or the parts that were not foiled), I did a couple of covers as followers during the chaos circles, and Steve MacDonald did a very good unrehearsed cover of Black Tabby at my request.

I also facilitated a theme circle on the theme of "evil geniuses", and almost got away without singing anything myself (tfabris volunteered to cover my Minion as well as Jonathan Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain and The Future Soon, both Kathleen Sloan and it_aint_easy were willing to do Tom Smith's "Operation Desert Storm", and plenty of other people brought songs on the theme).  But since Seanan had gotten unexpectedly called away by one of her other duties, and no Evil Genius theme circle would be complete without one of her songs, I wound up falling back on my emergency backup plan and doing "Maybe It's Crazy" myself.  Actually, this required some gender-reassignment surgery on one line in the second verse and the second half of the first chorus, because I'm definitely no bride of Frankenstein and naturally felt more comfortable with the point of view of a man who's turned on by grave-robbing mad scientists.

Well, okay, I also couldn't resist changing "know" to "do" while I was at it.

Consonance and OVFF both have dead dogs that have outgrown their allocated grave plots and have started oozing out into the halls, assuming unnatural, distorted, squashed shapes.


I was very, very sad to have missed it at the last minute.