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treble, songworm

Presidential election result

I've been stressed out for months about Trump's 15 to 30% chance of winning this nightmarish election, and my first reaction toward the end was that it was like waking up to find the nightmare was real.  I'm hoping the reality is much easier to deal with than what we were imagining.

The pessimistic part of me seems to have queued this up on my mental soundtrack for today:  "Trouble" and "Burn It Down" from the Vixy&Tony album I'm now importing into iTunes, and selected lines from the Ada Palmer song I just heard again at OVFF:  "Change maker!  Oath breaker!  Vengeance!"
The optimistic part of me is hopeful that the new President's true character is reflected by his gracious acceptance speech and not by his remarks at rallies.  (I watched all three excellent speeches, by Trump, Clinton, and Obama, live, with some sleep in between.)  Some of us assumed he was lying when he said he'd make tings better for the working class, but  whenever he sounded racist or misogynist, we assumed he meant exactly what he said, or worse.  The pundits' logic was, he might have said such things strategically in the primary but he must know it will cost him votes in the general election, so those must be his true views.  That logic is now called into question.  Maybe he dialed up the racism and misogyny because he knew exactly how to appeal to the the general electorate.  Maybe the actual implementation of a Despair and Change campaign won't be as dramatically different than the Hope and Change one as people fear.
By coincidence, and not because I want to remind myself of the second-to-worst-case scenario, I've long had tickets for these three performances in two upcoming days:  The Diary of Anne Frank, about a girl who unsuccessfully hides from the Nazis; The Sound of Music, about a family that successfully flees their Nazi-held country; and Bill Maher, who I'm guessing will continue to tell jokes at Trump's expense.