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treble, songworm

Upcoming convention plans

For anyone accustomed to seeing me at my local SF con: This year I'll be skipping it in favor of an annual square dancing convention that happens to conflict this year. It was a tough choice, one I put off until just weeks ago when I started worrying about the hotels filling up, because I always have a good time at each, and sometimes a great time. In the end I arbitrarily decided to pick the one I had more fun at in 2014 and other recent years.

I decided to make it up to myself (and to anyone who enjoys seeing me) by attending the two other SF cons I hadn't made a decision about: Westercon/Conchord and Sasquan.

I suppose soon I'll have to start thinking about whether to go to OVFF, as I do almost every year, or go to my homecoming that weekend; it isn't my class reunion year but there may be other good stuff and it's an easy bike ride.